"A Cal Pest Control Services has provided services at my residence for more thant five years. Among other things, they were the only pest control service to effectively remove a beehive in our ceiling void on the second floor of our home. I found their work to be thorough, competent, and without defect whatsoever. In fact, we have had no further problems from bees. Unfortunately, other extermination services over the years were not as effective.

A Cal Pest Control has provided advice on the bee removal that I followed to a T. Rather than having my own contractor repair the ceiling after the removal of the bee hive, I deferred to ACal so that they could ensure the bees were removed. That strategy was perfect. Not only were all bees removed, but there was no discoloration of surrounding furniture and walls.

I am not surprised at this outcome. A Cal and its technicians are true professionals. I have followed their advice with regard to extermination matters since they began performing services for us more than five years ago and have always been satisfied."

- Markk E. Beck

"I am writing to inform you of my experiences with "A Cal Pest Control Services Inc". On March 23rd, A Cal Pest visited my house, determined the extent of my problem, and then offered a solution. Before each step in the involved process of removing the hive, the technician very professionally explained my options and educated me as to the process involved.

Eventually, the behive was ostensibly eradicated, and I was charged a fair price to cover all services with a one year guarantee.

Several days later, two more ACal technicians visited my house to check up on the problem and fill the hole with insulation

A couple weeks later, I noticed an increase in the number of bees in the area around the previous hive. I called the A Cal office, and they promptly sent their technicians back to my house.

The technicians found that the original hive extended into an area previously unnoticed so they once again removed the hive and filled the space with insulation. They did not charge me for this additional extensive process, as it was included in their guarantee.

Professionalism and superior service are charactersistics that I would expect from a large nationwide franchise pest control service. In "A Cal Pest Control Sercvices Inc." you have chosen a worthy extension of your leadership and exceptional service in the pest control industry. Thank you."

Daniel D. Wells.