Past Projects

Residential Bee Extraction

This historical home in South Pasadena served as a home for European Honeybees; empty voids make ideal places in which bees and honeycomb must be fully extracted to eradicate them completely.

Commercial Bird Abatement

This McDonald's in West Los Angeles had sustained major damage by the feces of feral pigeons. ACal used manual stainless stell mechanical devices to deter future bird issues.

Residential Bee Removal

This U.S. forestry building was infested with Africanized honey bees. ACal Pest Control was called in to safely remove the colony from the underside of the structure.

Commercial Bee Removal

A crane with a two man basket was used to extract 240lbs of honey. The honey comb was removed from the crosss metal cylinder base at the top of the hospital building.

Commercial Pigeon Abatement

Pigeons had infested the bell tower of this church in Monrovia, CA.

Residential Bee Extraction

This was a very big bee job in which bees had to be extracted from all four corners of the flat rooftop. Approximately 120lbs of honey comb were removed from the roof.

Residential Rodent Control

The attic of this home was infested with rodents and was contaminated with rodent droppings. The rodents had caused severe damage to the insulation and the structure of the attic. ACal was called in to remove the rodents and repair the damage.