Bird Mite

Mites that migrate away from the nests may be found anywhere in houses and buildings, but are most abundant in the vicinity of nests that were built on or in the house. Sparrows, starlings and pigeons are the birds most often associated with bird mite infestations in buildings. Bird mites can bite humans but are not a health threat. They are mostly a nuisance and annoyance. Bird mites do not attack nor harm stored foods, plants or household furnishings. They will probably infest pet birds.

Book Lice

Booklice, known as paper lice, may crawl in large numbers over stored papers, books, walls, furniture, and other materials in damp, warm, undisturbed areas in buildings especially during the spring and summer months. Sometimes they are found in newly-constructed dwellings containing uncured green lumber or plastered walls. They feed on microscopic mold and mildew associated with high-humidity conditions.


All dog and cat owners - at one time or another - are likely to need advice on ridding their pet of fleas. Fortunately, toxic pesticides and ineffective flea collars are not needed. By combing and bathing the pet, cleaning its bedding area, and increased vacuuming of the rug, you can achieve effective, low risk flea control.


Ticks are difficult to control, therefore the services of an experienced professional are recommended. Treatments may be necessary in areas of the yard where ticks are found. Ticks require a blood meal at each stage of life in order to grow and the female will engorge herself with blood to obtain the nourishment necessary to produce the thousands of eggs she will lay soon.