Opossum are ugly, slow, easy to trap, and do very little damage unless they take up residence in your house or garage. They also tend to irritate when they get into the trash. If this is the case, we again use hav-a-heart traps and capture and remove.


Raccoons are cute critters when they are young, and raccoons do not really bother you when they are older unless you raise chickens or they get into your house. Inside raccoons can do a lot of damage. They are also notorious for getting into trash. If they become a nuisance, we trap them alive with hav-a-heart traps using sardines as bait, then release them in the woods. Mothballs have no effect as a repellency.


Skunks will feed on a variety of foods: fruits, garbage and also grubs, worms, small insects in your lawn. If skunks are feeding on food growing on your property or raiding your garbage bins, you can use a repellant or a humane live trap.