Brown Recluse

Outside, brown recluse spiders are usually found around rocks, piles of inner tubes, utility boxes, under bark etc. Inside the home they can be found in most undisturbed places. They are commonly found in boxes, among papers, and in seldom used clothing and shoes.

In commercial buildings, the usual places to find brown recluse spiders include heat tunnels, attics, basements, storerooms, and garages. Bites have been reported to occur when putting on seldom-used clothing or shoes, when cleaning out storage areas, or b rolling on the spider while in bed.

Common House Spider

The common house spider gets its name from the fact that it is the spider most often encountered indoors. It is a nuisance pet, probably more because of the web than the spider itself.

The house spider randomly selects its web sites. If a web does not yield prey it is abandoned. Inside structures, house spiders are most likely to be found in upper corners, under furniture, on closets, angles of window frames, basements, garages, and crawl spaces. Outside they are often around windows and under eaves especially near light sources which attract prey.

False Black Widow

The False Black Widow is very abundant locally and looks very similar to the black widow. It lacks the red hour glasss of the Black Widow and has a marbled purplish-brown rather than a black abdomen.

False Black Widow are foundin and around houses, under loose bark of trees and in rock/wood piles. They are more tolerant of outdoor conditions than are black widows.

Black Widow

The Black Widow's web is an irregular mass of fibers with a small central area to which the spider retreats while waiting until its prey becomes ensnared. These webs are frequently constructed underneath boards and/or stones. They are also found along foundation slabs, behind shrubs and especially where brick or wood siding extends close to ground level. This spider does not usually enter residences.

Of all spiders, the Black Widow is the most feared. The female's venom is especially poisonous to people. Despite its reputation, this spider often attempts to escape rather than bite, unless it is guarding an egg mass or if it is cornered and pressed.